Eat Local, Eat Fresh in OKINAWA [ My Souvenir Catalog #1]

Do you have some plans to travel to Okinawa, Japan?

Today, I want you to take my advice about souvenir of JAPAN(especially OKINAWA).

It is worth to think about what to buy for souvenirs before you travel around.

To think about what you want to get is to think about where you have to go and when you have to go there.

So, thinking about your souvenirs helps you to plan your travel.

(This idea occurred to me by reading 旅をまるごと持ち帰る! ayacoの台湾みやげ話 .

However I had some plans about travelling to Taiwan before I read this,

This wonderful book helped me to plan great travel!!

Someday, I want to write about my love about Taiwan.)

I really wish all of who travel to Okinawa have a great time!

That’s why I am writing about My Souvenir Catalog(M.S.C).

Well, I want to start introducing souvenirs.

M.S.C.#1 tells you best things to buy @Farmers Market Yambaru.

(This is referred to quick guide.)


(Someone`s goat often waits in outside of the market!)


Sweets of purple Okinawan sweet potato

You cant bring raw purple Okinawan sweet potatoes out of Okinawa.

If you want to taste the flavor out of Okinawa,

I advice to buy some sweets of them!!

Because of the prohibition, there is a lot of sweets of the sweet potatoes.

The most famous sweets is “Beniimo-tart”!

At this market, there is a lot of sweets too.

Moreover, most of them is really cheap and homemade.



Sata andagi; Okinawan sweet deep-fried bun similar to a doughnut

Visiting this market, you will be aware of some sweets stands.

One of the stands sells  Sata andagi.

You can also buy the sweets like doughnuts in the market.



Local milk

Do you like daily products?

I am a big lover of milk!(also milk chocolates :) )

There is a homemade daily farm in northern region of Okinawa.

The name of the farm is “Oppa-Nyugyo”.

This farm has some ice cream stands in this region,

and one of them is selling ice creams near the entrance of the market!

please try!!!! It’s really gorgeous…

In the market, the daily products are also selling.



this character is really cute!

Miki; rice drink for your health

Have you heard that rice is good for health?

There is a Okinawan drink like rice milk.


 Nanto; the rice cakes which have ginger and miso flavor.

Do you like rice cakes?

In Okinawa, like other region in Japan, there is a lot of type of rice cake.

Nanto-mochi is not only sweet but also spicy.

In morning, there are some free rice cakes.

Please try! First come, first served…


Cheap and dellicious Chinsuko

Travelling to Okinawa, you must know that what Chinsuko is.

In the market, there is a lot of Chinsuko.

One is often come across in other supermarkets or souvenir shops,

one is really homemade, and you can get this at this market only.

(Moreover, some of them are made by people who have difficulty.

How about paying for our social??)



Original Products of Japan agricultural cooperative

This market is run by Japan agricultural cooperative Okinawa(JAおきなわ).

So, there are some original products.

In Okinawa, we can eat fruits like lemons.

Those pictures are some of the products of the fruits.




That’s all.

If you have question about travel to Okinawa, please ask me.

I really grad to help you make your great trip plans!


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