Trying molasses.

Do you know molasses? It is not popularly known as something good for health in Japan today. I got this as a reward for working hard at my office.(My office is an agricultural high school♡) In these days, it is the harvest time of sugar-canes!

It is first time to try tasting molasses!(その存在自体知らんかった)



It seems to go better with milk tea than coffee…But not so bad.

According to Wikipedia, molasses contains many nutrients. And some articles say that it is good for PMS. good!


My school has a big farm. The students chose what they want to know at 2nd grade, and they are divided into 3 courses; agricultural machinery, farming and raising tropical fruit trees.(My job is supporting students who have disability, and the student I am supporting this year is studying in the last course.)

Reaping sugar-canes and making black sugar are often main practices of students in the agricultural machinery course. However, the field is too big to manage by them, all of students in the class(and me) do this practices in this season.That was fun!

This molasses is completely perfect for me. I know it is organic. I know many people who spend time and effort to make this. It reminds me our great time at the field and a miracle that led us to meet each other.

Why am I living here? Why am I working here? What I want to do?

(I want to write about some stories of my life in English sometime.)




And, I ate chocolate from my husband. It was gorgeous.Thank you my dear♡



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