It’s good, but a little strange.

Today I have a thought to tell you.

It is the feeling that something is wrong.

I always have the feeling when I search with #studyaccount or #勉強垢

Someone seems to think of studying or getting some qualifications or some licences as their goal.

But, I think that those are ways to goal.


For someone, studying helps them to enrich their mind and lives.

It’s OK.

It’s good.

But, it is a little strange for me.


Studying is what I love.

Studying is what I think it is cool.

Furthermore, studying is necessary for me to be what I want to be.


*Studying isn’t something on the desk for me.

Smiles my students give me are also my teacher.

Funny battles with my lovely husband is also my teacher.

New life in Okinawa is teaching me that “study” exists out of somewhere like academic world.




I want keep my dream secret because I saw this TED talk. :)


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