Got Korean cosmetics♡

I went to Korea, and shopping in this country is one of may favorite things to do!

I have been to Korea for 5 times. But It was first time for me to search for good cosmetics on online Duty Free shopping site. I was really surprised at the prices and easiness! If you have plans to trip to Korea, you must use LotteDFS online shop.



I got these lipsticks and lip gross at Watoson’s. These are the make up goods of an original store brand.



Pikachu♡ These are a mask sheet and a blusher. This is my first cushion blusher, and really good! I can’t understand why I hadn’t challenged it.



SKINFOOD is my favorite Korean cosmetics brand. I hope the shop opens in Okinawa someday.

Black sugar serum is used before toner in skin care process. I love it for about years…


Cute extra!



These are also extra.


I love black sugar mask(wash off)too.I bought it 4,  and I try it of new flavor. It smells real strawberry!!!!



Do you know STYLE NANDA ? 3CE is its brand of cosmetics. White milk cream is really good! I feel my skin becomes brighter.




the package is cuuuuute.



These are sheet mask ad eye mask. I bought them for not only myself but also my friends♡ We all love LINE friends!

I can’t wait for trying all of them!


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