Be a local at “Adachi-ya(足立屋)”

Do you want to be a local when you are enjoying trips? I do.

I really want to introduce good place to you(who is like me :)). The name is Adachi-ya(足立屋).





about Adachi-ya

Adachi-ya is a chain that originated in Okinawa. The branches are open in Naha, Ginowan, and some cities of Okinawa prefecture.

This Izakaya(=Japanese bar) famous for their friendly crew, numbers of menu,  good taste dishes, and the really affordable prices!

Most of the prices are 300 – 400 yen…

In beginning of April, my husband and I went to Adachi-ya in Nago city. The location is here.


What to eat


There is a lot of menu(unfortunately, there Japanese menu only).

I like the menus below. If you want to try, please show these pictures and Japanese to crew.




This is an advertising menu of Adachi-ya. Motsu-ni is a stewed giblets. It smells really good(miso flavor?), and the taste is also good.


刺身五点盛り Sashimi


Can you eat raw fishes? Please try them at Adachi-ya! Because, the quantity is not too much(2-3 pieces of 5 fishes), so you can try easily.

For me, Sashimi can be good and bad by the freshness. Fresh Sashimi can be the most delicious food in Okinawa. Adachi-ya serves really fresh Sashimi. They buy fishes from the market near them : “Nago city market”(I have written this place in this).


やきとり Yaki-tori



It is really simple. But, really good taste. Yaki-tori is a grilled chicken. The spicy paste is suitable for it.


Addition to these menus, we ate other two foods.



We became really full!


When the crew have a time, they will try to talk diners. I really love this friendly aspect of people in Okinawa♡ When they do, please do not hesitate to talk if you do not be good at Japanese! Enjoy being local.







Thank you for reading♡

please “helpful” on my review if it helps you…



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